We are playing Old School Funk Mixes featuring classic and rare funk tracks from the 70’s & 80’s hosted by Terry Ohno your Japanese MC.
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Come Into My Heart/ L.A. Connection
Funken Town/ Slave
The Monkey Paw/ Scott & Raven
Don’t Think About It/ One Way
The Funk Is On/ Randy Muller (feat. First Circle)
Rock Shock/ B.B.C.S.& A.
Foreigner Of Love/ Contrast
Laid Back/ Brutus
Don’t Change Your Ways/ Krystol
Dog or a Hog?/ Richard Dimples
Lucky Number Seven/ Alvin Fields
Jamming In The Big ‘M’ Town/ Robert & Tom Sanders
Body Music/ One On One
I Need It Bad/ Sons of Robin Stone
You Got The Stuff/ Executive
Tip Of My Tongue/ The Tubes
Give It To You Baby/ Instant Funk
Girl I’m Watching You/ Platinum Hook

Total Time [68:08]