We are playing Old School Funk Mixes featuring classic and rare funk tracks from the 70’s & 80’s hosted by Terry Ohno your Japanese MC.
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Not Guilty (By Reason of Insanity)/ Civil Attack
Krackity Krack/ Dayton
What A Friend/ Rufus Troutman
Airbound/ George Clinton
Do You Have A Car/ Kid Seville
Romeo Where’s Juliet?/ Collage
Get Off/ Magic Lady
Stroke/ Mazarati
Come On Let’s Boogie/ The Sequence
Bust Loose/ Mandrill
Too Bad You Didn’t Realize/ Thunderflash
Good Lovin’ Brings an Encore/ Edwin Birdsong
Perfect Date/ Aurra
Number One/ Rafael Cameron
Serious Slammin’/ Pointer Sisters
Be yourself/ Cameo

Total Time [57:25]