Break Me Off/ Dawn Silva
Do The Freak/ Bootsy Collins
Way Up/ George Clinton
Hey Good Lookin’ (Rush This Mix)/ George Clinton
When The Funk Hits Fan/ King Britt
Jammin’ In Manhattan/ Tyzik
Bye Gones/ Tom Browne
Stellar Fungk/ Slave
Your Thing Is Your Thing/ New Horizons
Does It Feel Good/ B.T. Express
Love Party/ Taka Boom
Shot Out/ The Pinch
Does She Really Want Me/ Dogg Master
Like Water/ Billy Griffin
Rain Forest/ Paul Hardcastle
Long Way Up/ MDMC
1, 2, 3, 4, …Funk It/ Electric System
24 Hour Service/ Future Flight
Rock, Pop, Soul Funk, Forever/ Fresh N’ Funky
It Doesn’t Really Matter/ Zapp
The Shadow Of Your Smile/ D-Train

Total Time [79:30]