We are playing Old School Funk Mixes featuring classic and rare funk tracks from the 70’s & 80’s hosted by Terry Ohno your Japanese MC.
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Every Time You’re Around/ Snow
Love Fever/ Gayle Adams
Do It Any Way You Want To/ Gangsters
Xtra Special/ Atmosfear
Word Up/ Legacy
You Bring Out the Best In Me/ D.I.T.
You Got Something Special/ Lemelle
You Fooled Me/ Grey & Hanks
You Can’t Stop Me/ Midnight Star
You Walked Out On Me/ Kevin Johnson
Never Without You (Just Holding You)/ Wendy Lambert
Nice/ Cadillac Heights
Take A Ride/ Dogg Master & Busta Brown
A Count On Me/ Overnyte
Dance Sucker/ Set The Tone
All Night Long/ Felix & Jarvis
What’s Your Name/ Magnum Force

Total Time [62:16]